"ABF" Style Adjustable Alternator Kit

"ABF" Style Adjustable Alternator Kit

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The ABF engine never arrived on North American shores which meant “ABF” engine components have been sought after by enthusiasts alike for years. iABED Industries in 2005 took on the task of securing the VW827 Non/AC alternator set up and whatever components could not be sourced were manufactured in house. Since then we have supplied VW827 Non/AC alternator kits (commonly known as ABF kits) to over 900 enthusiasts around the globe. Our set up will bolt up to practically any VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda pre-1999 watercooled VW827 4 Cylinder engine block (even AAZ/1Z/AHU TDi's)

What makes the ABF alternator conversion so unique?
It is an adjustable serpentine belt set up that eliminates the need to use external belt tensioners as the adjustable arm that creates tension is casted into the Alternator housing.It also positions the alternator low enough to clear ITB's (Individual throttle bodies) on 8V crossflow & 16V set ups.

Applications include the following common engine codes:
ABA / ABF / 2E / JH / PG / PL / 6A / 9A / KR / AEB / ADR / AJL / AHU / AFN / 1Z / AAZ
amongst others. (seriously , any VAG 4 cylinder engine with an external water pump)

Previous version of the kit used the ABA Crankshaft accessory pulley (037105243A) , where we would machine the rear of the hub for 16 valve engine fitment. Unfortunately the part is NLA so we use the 1.8T 20V 06A crankshaft accessory pulley and supply a spacer to bring the pulleys into the same plane. A v-belt add on pulley is available (Part # 462-001-0036)

8V engines use a 12.2mm spacer and 16V engines use a 6.2mm spacer. You will need to select your engine choice when ordering.

Basic kit components included:

  • (1) “ABF" Style 90A Alternator (AL0185X/ 037 903 137)
  • (1) iABED T6061 Alternator Bracket – (029 803 143 AD replacement)
  • (1) 6PK-894 Continental belt
  • (1) iABED ABF basic Hardware Kit (hardware for the bracket only)

Premium kit components included:

  • (1) “ABF" Style 90A Alternator (AL0185X/ 037 903 137)
  • (1) iABED T6061 Alternator Bracket – (029 803 143 AD replacement)
  • (1) 1.8T 06A Serpentine accessory pulley – (06A105243F)
  • (1) T6061 Crankshaft hub to accessory spacer
  • (1) T6061 Water Pump Pulley – (037121030A)
  • (1) T6061 Alternator pulley
  • (1) 6PK-894 Continental belt
  • (1) iABED ABF premium Hardware Kit

The iABED ABF Hardware kit includes every bolt needed for installation.
SCS = Socket Cap Screw
CSCS = Countersunk Socket Cap Screw
SS = Stainless Steel
ZP = Zinc Plated steel

Hardware kit Included compromises of the following:

  • (1) M8 x 90 SCS – SS - Alternator Upper Bolt
  • (1) M8 ZP washer - Alternator Upper Bolt
  • (1) M8 x 35 SCS – SS – Alternator Lower Bolt
  • (1) M8 ZP Fender Washer – Alternator Lower Bolt
  • (4) M8 x 45 SCS – SS – Crank Pulley
  • (4) M8 ZP washer - Crank Pulley
  • (3) M8 x 16 SCS – SS – Water Pump Pulley
  • (1) M8 x 1.25 x 65mm STUD – Water Pump Upper Left stud
  • (1) Machined upper bracket
  • (1) M8 x 35 CSCS – SS – Water Pump Upper Right Bolt
  • (2) M8 x 1.25 x 95mm STUD – Water Pump Lower Left Stud
  • (1) M8 x 1.25 x 40mm STUD – ABF Bracket upper right stud for machined upper bracket
  • (2) 6mm Spacers
  • (4) M8 SS Flange Nuts

Special notes: The Alternator supplied comes with a 1 year warranty to the original purchaser.

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